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Mark A. Hopson - Lead Draftsman and Supervisor

Mark has been a Patent draftsman for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in the preparation of detailed design patent drawings and working with complex matrixes, such as; in the graphical representation of computer screens, showing menus and options, and condensing or expanding data to fit within the parameters of the PTO requirements for patent drawings.

Mark is highly skilled in the preparation of design drawings, especially when it comes to soft products such as bags and shoe designs. Mark plans his projects well; he asks all the right questions before starting a project, making him very efficient in his use of time. He is often called upon to work from client’s locations where he works closely with IP staff to ensure they meet tight deadlines and observe the highest security measures.

From within our offices, and from Mark’s home office, he helps manage and assign work to our team of drafters and illustrators. This team includes six full-time employees and three part-time.

Over the years, Mark has devised many new aids to improve the company’s efficiency, writing scripts and customizing CAD programs to increase flexibility, specifically in the preparation of patent drawings.

Mark is married to his wife Melissa, and together they have two children, Evan and Madison.



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