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After a down-turn in the economy, new paths can lead to better choices. Therefore, it is fitting for us to offer a new approach with our patent drafting service company, that is, we are offering a chance to go straight to the draftsmen.

Davies & Gathercole, Inc. is a committed group of patent draftsmen and illustrators who are dedicated in providing top-quality services to IP professionals and individual inventors.

Although we have a new name, we have the combined experience gained from having produced patent drawings for more than fifty years, managing production and offering services to those in the patent industry who wished to file patent applications with professionally executed drawings.

Our drawings are fully guaranteed to meet with patent office standards & requirements as outlined in the Manual for Patent Drafting.

By providing you with individualized service, maintaining the highest of standards and keeping pace with the latest production technology, we can, together with the added bonus of keeping production cost down, offer perhaps, the best all-around choices in patent drafting services.



Davies & Gathercole, Inc.
6911 Richmond Highway, Suite 403, Alexandria, VA 22306-1803
Office: 703.718.2002 - www.daviesandgathercole.com

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