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Utility Cases
We have solid credentials in Engineering Drafting and Technical Illustration. We are familiar with many manufacturing processes and apply a practical knowledge to all mechanical and electrical drawings, achieving top rate results, and giving you a service that can be confidently relied upon. We can use source files from several CAD programs, importing directly into our preferred programs to produce accurate, formal, detailed drawings.

Our knowledge of Bio-Technology drawings extends back prior to U.S. Patent Office acceptance of “new forms of Life”. Since that time, we have continued to find ever more innovative ways to convert your client's disclosures into acceptable US and PCT formal drawings.
Our experience includes the preparation of formal drawings for Recombination Maps, Sequence Listings, Electrophoresis DNA Images and Photo-Micrographs.

Design Patents
Whether working from rough-data, blueprints, photographs or your client’s original prototypes, we can furnish you with complete formal drawings for your design patent applications. The design patent drawings we produce, as with all of our drawings, meet fully with United States Patent Office requirements.
We recommend that you not file design applications until you have had your drawings formalized. Following this procedure prevents incomplete or inconsistent disclosure problems which can hinder your success in gaining a patent.
We are second to none, when it comes to the preparation of Design Patent
Drawings. Try us, and find out why others use us exclusively, for this highly specialized service.

The combination of Art and Geometry can make lettering beautiful. Our knowledge of the history of typography, melded with art, geometry and present-day digital technology, makes us your best choice for the preparation of trademark drawings. View our samples page and see the results that can be achieved by the merging of all these disciplines.
We are completely up-to-date with current trademark regulations and, now that a full range of color and grayscale is accepted by the U.S. Trademark Office, we prepare drawings that will match what is being claimed. We have the expertise to supply you with color, black and white or grayscale print-outs, or PTO compliant Jpeg Images for electronic submission. If you request electronic files, our standard is to send you both Jpeg and PDF formats to give you greater flexibility. Consider having all your trademark drawings prepared by our experts.
Our knowledge of typography, and our skillful blend of art and geometry, will give you reliable, consistent and professional results.


Editing Digital Images
We have the software and knowledge to edit your clients' electronic files. You can rely on us to put them into the correct format for filing US and PCT photo images. When you send source files of photomicrographs and electrophoresis images to us, we give you top quality results at reasonanble prices. We don't own the rights to these images and will never charge you as such. We charge for the service of making them formal and inserting them, together with drafted drawings into a single drawing file, that's all. You can email your client's native files, or alternatively, send your largest files (above 5 megabytes) via our File Transfer Protocol site. See link at top of this page.

Court Exhibits
We have the know-how and experience to produce drawings and artwork for the preparation of court exhibits. We also have the contacts to enlarge them for display in the court room.

Multiple Copies
Most  patent law firms require that drawings be sent to them in PDF format. They can print as many copies as they require but, if you are still not quite up to speed with today’s digital technology then you may require us to mail the drawings to you. As a standard, we will supply you with two copies of the drawings, one for filing and one for your own files. Postage is the only fee we add for this service. If you require any additional copies, this can be arranged at a minimal cost.

Certified Copies
As an additional service, and due to our close proximity to The U.S. Patent Office, we can physically file papers in the PTO and also supply Certified Copies of applications (Prices are available upon request).

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